33770553713:46:33Btc Is Not Kidding..
♔GREATORCHID 👽18:39:43Just 23 Coins See Butt Talk
ISRAEL19:53:38Devolve Minhas Edrs...edc251173 Sent 53.000 Edc To Alcurex1n#1.11.1821686 11/27/2016, 2:23:30 Pm
BROJO13:46:33Ooinaru, Toushe--- (sp?)
♔GREATORCHID 👽18:39:08Waiting For Xde 3 Super Gorgious Wallet
ISRAEL19:53:14Hi, Devolve Minhas Edrs Please... Edc251173 Sent 53.000 Edc To Alcurex1n#1.11.1821686 11/27/2016, 2:23:30 Pm
DAFFY32113:46:33For So Long Ether Behaved Very Tame And Now It's Jst Another Crypto Jerked Around By Whales
BITCOINMEISTER18:37:15Don’t Miss The Promotion Campaign Xde Ii. Gorgeous Wallet! New Promotional Rewards!! 20% Pos. Rare, 23k Coins! See Bttalk
HALIBIT17:46:50Edinar Edr Wallet Update Will Start.
GODFATHER13:46:33It'll Go There Itself Once The Pump Is Over
JUDGE18:22:22Anyone Want Assassins Creed Black Flag ?
HALIBIT17:44:13@otmack2o Im Still Making Infopage For That.
PURELOGIC13:46:33Hc77, Well We Will Know Very Soon Its Defending Its Price Like A Boss
KAY5IVE18:21:02How To Withdawal From Here?
OTMACK2O17:17:34@halibit Are We Looking To Be On Track For [ALCUREX] Dividends? What Is The Weekly Threshold For Divs To Be Paid? 24 Hr Volume Appears To Be A Bit Over 40 Btc.
GODFATHER13:46:33Frank.gossimer, Just Wait 24 Horus
CRYPTOBENEFITS18:11:02Yes Right .remove Ur Sell Bid Can Easily Cross 15k Satoshi.
HALIBIT07:54:00Mee Too. Aglc Dev Is Informed
BURKH13:46:33Parousingthefuturemethod, You Mean Buy In 1000 Btc Upt To 0.012 ?
RAMZY197918:07:28Cancel Your Sell Orders Adcn Will Pump Soon 15k
BITWHO05:53:35Hmm Hope Its Not A Fork..
THOTH13:46:33Icozenu, Could Be The Reason, I Am Not Sure However.
RAMZY197918:05:05Go Go Go Adcn
HALIBIT02:48:17Aglc Blocks Start Get Confirmed But Really Slowly.. Alot Orphans.
MALIK13:46:33Arxlan, Ok
RAMZY197917:59:51Buy Adcn
HALIBIT02:46:00Agrolifecoin Have Wallet Issue Loading New Blocks After 220029. Aglc Transactions Are Not Recommended Till Problem Solved..
ARXLAN13:46:33Malik, Arslan Ashfaq Is Name
JUDGE17:59:31Dump It All
HALIBIT23:52:16Remote Markets Online
FRANK.GOSSIMER13:46:33Trying To Manipulate Str Down Is Kinda Hard. Halpz.
JUDGE17:59:28Wrp Is A Scam
HALIBIT22:16:20We Are Updating Remotemarket Engine And Need To Stop Engine For Few Minutes.
ICOZENU13:46:33Thoth, Pretty Sure It Cuz You Guys Got Ddos'd Last Night
{฿} NEWTRADER17:56:52Dump Dbic Few Mnt
TWOPRO22:14:48So Any Word On The Mrc Thing? Will They Be Used For Listing New Coins Again Or Other Plans?
CRAIGRANT313:46:33Thoth, My Steem Withdrawl Has Been Processing For 3 Days, And I Submitted A Support Ticket 2 Days Ago
CRYPTOBENEFITS17:50:52Adcn Is Pumping..more Investors Are Coming To Buy
BITWHO20:53:58How About Ethereum, Up Or Down?
NURMANSETIADI13:46:33Yes Recovery
♔GREATORCHID 👽17:48:29And Your Wittle Staby
BITWHO06:36:49Raised Up A Lil Already..
ARXLAN13:46:33Malik, Gives You Another Solution
♔GREATORCHID 👽17:46:45
BITWHO06:26:15To Buy Or Not To Buy Ltc?
OOINARU13:46:33Brojo, Well Yeah And Only 2500 To 0.02 Doesnt Mean It Will Happen Lol
♔GREATORCHID 👽17:46:35Rubies
HALIBIT22:51:57@andriev More Private :)
BROJO13:46:33I Wish That You Could Buy Options I Would Just Buy Puts And Calls Here Out Of Hte Money --- This Is Going To Be A Major Move
HALIBIT22:51:37@andriev Hello. Im But Please Leave Support Messages To Support Chat... Press ? On Top Bar To Join In.
CHUCKWILLIAMS3713:46:33Cardiff, You Were Right - Closed Out My Shorts.
ANDRIEV22:43:28@halibit You Are Support?
HC7713:46:33Charts Looks Bright On Btc Uprise Trend,well See What Will Happend With Eth,but Trully Doubt It Will Follow Btc,unless Some Mega Mad Buyers Jump In...
HALIBIT22:38:52Few Minutes Delay For Btc Withdraws. We Are Funding Our Remote Market Wallet And Engine Will Not Process Btc Withdraws Until Our Transaction Is Confirmed.
MALIK13:46:33Arxlan, No Problum..
CRYPTCO22:26:48Hi Guys! Check Out Xde Ii. Gorgeous Wallet! Very Rare - New Promotional Rewards @$3 A Coin For Your Time!!low Supply 23,000 Coins Low Inflation. Now 20% Pos. Details Https://
THOTH13:46:33Icozenu, I Am Not Sure Why That Would Be Happening. Have You Tried Logging Out And Back In? Also Clearing Cache?
BROJO13:46:33But Same Thing For .009
SIMON21:04:39@mma Breakfast :d
ARXLAN13:46:33But Use /emoish.11 After Facebook Url
CRYPTOMADMAX16:55:43 Is Man Of The Year!!!
MMA20:54:53@simon Hi,whats Up ?:d
LOGICTRADING13:46:33Donald Pump Lol ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
SIMON20:44:36Hello [ALCUREX] Traders, Hi Mma :)
MALIK13:46:33Arxlan, Lol
MMA20:40:51Hi [ALCUREX] :)
KALLABOTZ13:46:33Everyone Should Stay As Troll In Trollbox
ESSENTIALTRADER19:11:05There Should Be Multiple Paths To Your Balance.
PAROUSINGTHEFUTUREMETHOD13:46:33Burkh, The Guy Shud A Changed It And Made Money
BLUTIT16:30:21Rbies Pumping Soon.. Buy Now While It's Still Cheap.
ESSENTIALTRADER19:09:41On The Open Orders, The Markets Listed Need To Be Links To Those Markets.
BROJO13:46:33I Mean The Sum For Eth To .0120 Is Only 1k Btc That Can Happen In 2 Seconds
ESSENTIALTRADER19:08:28That Is Difficult.
ARXLAN13:46:33Malik, It Is Not Allowed To Post Personal Link On Polo Troll
TIPME.KING15:52:50Buy Gold Now
ESSENTIALTRADER19:08:18This Site Is Still Hard To Navigate. For Instance If I Wanted To Know What My Current Balance Is, And What It Was 6 Months Ago, Then Check The 20 Day And 40 Day Moving Averages Of Eth, Then Buy Some [ALCUREX] Shares..
THOTH13:46:33Genious906, You Are Welcome
♔GREATORCHID 👽15:45:39Been Hearing Lotsa Waiting For Btc Processing Around Town
ESSENTIALTRADER19:03:17Good Morning